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Reed-Speed Window Tinting

Beat the Texas heat with a little help from Reed-Speed, your one-stop performance & accessory supercenter. We are your source for professional window tinting in the greater Dallas area. No job is too big or difficult for our experienced technicians.

We provide fast, friendly service, competitive pricing and premium products, including LLumar automotive window films. 

Window Tint Benefits:

  • The Texas sun can cause your vehicle’s interior to heat up to unbearable temperatures in no time. Installing a high-performance window film can reduce your car’s interior surface temperatures by as much as 29°F.
  • Quality tint cuts the sun's glare making driving easier on your eyes.
  • Quality tint reduces the sun damage to you and your vehicles interior. UV rays often cause damage to a vehicle’s interior, not to mention you and your family’s skin. Quality tine forms a protective barrier that blocks up to 99 percent of UV rays, keeping you and your vehicle’s interior looking newer, longer.
  • Some tint actually provides additional shatter resistance holding shattered glass in place, which not only reduces the likelihood of personal injury in an accident; it can also deter smash and grab theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different films available for my vehicle?
At Reed-Speed, we stock a wide selection of films. We have many shades of solid black, chrome, bronze, grey, silver, as well as multi-colored films. If you’re not sure which tint is right for you, our team has the expertise to help you decide.

What if my film starts to peel or bubble?
At Reed-Speed, you have no need to worry. All of our film installs come with a written lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling, cracking and fading. As with all of our work, we invite you to bring your vehicle back with any possible concerns, and we’ll make sure you are taken care of… fast!

Does the film on my back window have to be done in pieces, and if so, will it have seams?
No, most back windows are installed with one solid sheet of film, so there shouldn’t be any cuts, creases or seams.

Window Tint Installations:

Let our Reed-Speed Professional Installers take care of your window tinting needs.

Performance Installs

Got questions? Want a quote on window tinting? Our Reed-Speed specialist can assist you with any questions you may have. E-mail us at or call 1-888-329-8419. Reed-Speed will get you moving… fast!